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The Taxpayers Party

  1. Index a ministers wage to a set multiple of the average wage*
  2. Remove the capital gains tax discount
 and abolish negative gearing

  3. Legalise cannabis for recreational use

  4. No Australian land shall be owned by a foreign citizen or entity
  5. End fractional reserve banking while encouraging wage growth, not asset prices

  6. Stop encouraging house prices to rise faster than wages. 

  7. Introduce zero risk bank accounts

  8. Population growth rate of zero per cent

  9. Nationalise clinical quality registries to include all hospitals

  10. The Taxpayers Party does not accept donations

* Assumptions: Full-time adult earnings, maximum of 38 hour working week, Australian citizens only

Policy Suggestions

Imagine you win office with a mandate for reform. Imagine you only have a maximum of one term in this lifetime to implement your changes. Would you want to spend the first half of your term trying to work out what the details are? Or would it be better to have a Bill ready before you start your term?

What if the changes you want are already written in a draft Bill somewhere?

And if they aren’t, why not?

Could they be?

Should they be?

Opinions and Accuracy

Any information displayed on this website is not intended to be advice of any kind and is simply personal opinion. There may be errors/inconsistencies and if you notice one, please make contact so it can be corrected.

Disclaimer: The Taxpayers Party is not a registered political party.