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Fractional Reserve Banking

It’s time to take control of our money.

House Price Inflation

Who’s responsible?

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  1. No donations because you need a representative who is free to make good decisions, free of vested interests.
  2. Your elected member to hold an open face to face meeting in your electorate each month to explain why they voted for or against each Bill in the senate/house of reps for that month.


  1. Truth
  2. Responsibility
  3. Transparency
  4. Debate
  5. Long-term view


Opinions and Accuracy

Any information displayed on this website is not intended to be advice of any kind and is simply personal opinion. There may be errors/inconsistencies and if you notice one, please make contact so it can be corrected.

Policy Suggestions

Imagine you win office with a mandate for reform and you get a maximum of one term in this lifetime to implement your changes. You don’t want to be spending half of that term trying to work out what the details are, you want to have the Bill ready before you start your term. What changes should be made? For a confidential discussion, click here.

Disclaimer: The Taxpayers Party is not a registered political party.