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Donations and politics

How can you have the opportunity to be represented by someone who listens to you, does not owe anyone any favours because they didn’t receive any donations and were thus free to vote for or against proposed legislation in the best interests of both yourself and the other 99,999 citizens in your electorate?

In short, you need to be able to vote for a political party or an individual who has been able to gather enough support from his or her electorate without having to solely rely on paying for ads on television, radio and newspapers, etc. Being able to communicate with you and your neighbours directly, via word of mouth, email, meetings and phone calls cuts out the need to depend on advertising. If you did put $50 aside each year to be a member of your preferred political party and that party doesn’t need to spend as much money on advertising, they could spend 75% of your membership fee on creating good policy.

If 10% of your electorate paid $50 per year to your preferred independent or political party and they spent 75% of that money on policy development and the remaining 25% on communication it would equate to $375,000 each year going towards good policy.