I have been overseas from late January and returned 29 March, last Friday. The last five weeks were spent at Wat Pah Nanachat in Thailand doing mindfulness of breathing. If meditation is a relatively unknown topic for you, there are two reasonable articles on it here and here. When I was at the monastery I wrote out a simple guide on meditation which is what I would tell myself if I was starting again from the beginning

On Friday a good question came in from Dianne O'Hanlon about apprentice wages:

"Discussion is currently taking place regarding the minimum wage. I believe it is time for Apprenticeship Wages to be challenged. My son was an apprentice motor mechanic 24 years ago at a very low hourly rate. The wages have not improved. My grand-daughter is currently an apprentice hairdresser and at the age of 18 is on $7.46 an hour. No overtime rates - time off in lieu. No wonder young adults these days work at Kentucky Fried Chicken or Hungry Jacks instead of completing a trade. Better wages. Why has nothing been done about Apprenticeship Wages????? Whoever is responsible for setting the hourly rate for apprenticeship wages - you live on $7.46 an hour. Like to see that. Time for a reasonable hourly rate for apprentices and SOON."

Why has nothing been done about Apprenticeship Wages?

From what I can see the short answer is that nothing has been done about apprenticeship wages because the Fair Work Commission makes a decision every year to not raise the apprentice wage up to the minimum wage.

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