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  1. Abolish negative gearing
  2. End payroll tax immediately
  3. Introduce zero risk bank accounts
  4. Introduce automatic whiste-blowers in all banking organisations
  5. Progressively raise the minimum deposit back up to 20%
  6. Progressively limit the use of short-term offshore funding by lenders
  7. Where an international entity makes an offer for an Australian start-up, the Government will match a percentage of that offer
  8. Work toward reducing the compliance tax rate equivalent down to 4% for SMEs
  9. Create and maintain a national database that lists all existing and future foreign purchases of Australian farmland, where the data is available for free
  10. Introduce full country of origin labeling for packaged food
  11. Aim for a population growth rate of 0%
  12. Stop importing skilled workers from countries with a lower per-capita rate for that skill
  13. Abolish the 457 visa program
  14. Ensure current and past politicians receive the same healthcare benefits as the general public
  15. Index the in-office full salary package of politicians to the average Australian wage and ensure they cannot access any superannuation until they are at the same age that a normal worker would have to be to access their super.
  16. Add embodied energy as a criteria for all government tenders that involve construction
Policy Pipeline
  1. Develop full reserve banking instead of fractional reserve banking
  2. Work toward primary education being completely free
  3. Work toward healthcare being completely free
  4. Identify how to reduce the number of children experiencing abuse from around 55,000 per year down to 25,000 per year
  5. Develop a national, publicly available database on teacher supply, demand and attrition
  6. Investigate developing a revenue neutral system that distributes some of the tax collected from the sale of vehicles to customers who purchase one of the five most energy efficient vehicle models, updated yearly.
  7. Identify how to reduce the staff attrition rate down to 15% for childcare, primary education and secondary education
  8. Upgrade all ocean outfalls to class A or equivalent
  9. Further develop the credit accelerator as discussed by Steve Keen so that it becomes a reliable economic indicator
  10. Identify how to minimise the number of preventable deaths and adverse affects in the health system each day