Oceans Goal:

  1. Upgrade all ocean outfalls to class A or equivalent


An ocean outfall is essentially a place where sewerage is discharged into the ocean. In Australia, there are currently up to 144 such locations. Class A water is not fit for human consumption, but it is suitable for vegetable crops that will be consumed by humans.

Simply upgrading all outfalls to class A is still not the best solution, as discharging large amounts of freshwater into the ocean damages & kills life forms that rely on the salty ocean water.

In our view, Australian cities and towns should be leading the world in water management via recycling and reusing both storm water and water from human use, or at least be up to date with best practice. If you are aware of information or cost effective actions that will help bridge the above gap please contact us.

Things to-do:

  1. Identify the most cost effective method/s to upgrade each outfall to class A

Note: In the event of there being a change in the technical specifications of class A water, the definition safe for use on vegetable crops that will be consumed raw will be the default standard.