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Australian Foreign Policy

Australian Foreign Policy Goal:

Ensure  non-Australians do not feel disrespected by Australian people, Australian owned corporations and the Australian Government.


“Does the above mean Mr Assange should be punished for whistle blowing?”


No. Whistle blowing is a fundamental part of a healthy democracy, along with free elections and freedom of speech. If an Australian citizen makes a non-Australian feel disrespected by exercising a democratic behavior then implementing the above goal would involve communicating to the other party why we consider the behavior important and showing that its use is not an act of ill-will.


The purpose of the above goal is to reduce the number of non-Australians who feel hatred or anger toward Australians. This is not to say there are people who hate Australians, it is to say the biggest security threat to Australians will be from people who harbor feelings of anger or hatred toward Australians. Because these feelings are always perceived to be “justified” by whoever holds them and these feelings help to justify acts of violence,  it is important for foreign affairs to become aware of any activity by Australian people, corporations or government that is contributing to the above feelings in non-Australians.

Let’s say a man lives with his family. He lives with his wife and three children in a house in the suburbs. One of the responsibilities of this man is to provide safety for his wife and three children.

To be more specific, the man must do whatever is within his power to reduce the chance that his children or his wife will experience violence at the hands of a non-family member.

In order to exercise his responsibility, let’s say the man does all the things he can think of to reduce the chance his wife and children will experience violence. Let’s say he has chosen to live in a safe neighborhood in a safe country where a woman can go for a walk at night, unarmed and still feel safe.

The man has carefully explained to and shown through games what is safe and unsafe to his children if they are ever by themselves, and they are always with him, or his partner or another person who he trusts and knows they are responsible.

Because he is in a safe country and a safe suburb he does not need to worry too much about his wife, as she can take care of herself in normal situations.

So the man has done what he can to reduce the chance of random violence occurring to his family. If some random act of violence does occur to one of his family members, he will not feel regret that there was something he could of or should have done to prevent it.

The man asks himself, “I have done what I can to keep my family safe, but is there anything else I can do?”.

The man starts to reflect back on the past. He starts to remember those people he has had very strong disagreements with from years ago. He starts to feel angry again, and starts to think of the horrible things he would do to them if he ever saw them again.

Then the man reflects on what they would think if they ever bumped into him. The man realizes that when he thinks about what they would have felt because of what he had done, they would be feeling as much or more anger towards him than he feels toward them.

The man thinks again about the safety of his family. He considers there are two sources of violence that could hurt his family. There is random violence and there is violence from people who hate him because of his own actions in the past.

The man realizes that right now the biggest risk to his family is those people in society who have strong feelings of anger or hatred toward him, as they have the motive to hurt him and his family. He does not know if they have let go of the past, whether it is just water under the bridge for them.

There are two things the man can do to reduce the chance that someone is going to carry out violence against him and/or his family due to feelings of anger or hatred.

Firstly, the man can identify ways to reduce the feelings of anger and hatred in those people who already feel it towards him.

Secondly, the man can be careful of not causing those feelings to grow in anyone else in the future by being careful with the way he interacts with people in the present.