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In defence of Australian health

Draft goals:

  1. To work toward Australia having the highest quality health care system on Earth
  2. To work toward Australia having the safest health care system on Earth
  3. To work toward waiting times for emergency & elective surgery to be within medical recommendations
  4. To work toward health care being free for all Australians

What are Clinical Quality Registries for?

A Clinical Quality Registry is essentially a database containing information about the outcomes of specific health operations. Because there can be variations in the outcome of certain operations, the database gives those individuals conducting the operations the opportunity to improve their procedures if their patient outcomes are less than normal. On the other hand if a clinician has a track record of better than average health outcomes for a procedure, other clinicians then have the opportunity to improve.

For more information on existing Clinical Quality Registries in Australia click here.


  1. Nationalize Clinical Quality Registries to include all hospitals
  2. Begin pilot registries for additional health issues such as breast cancer, lymphoma and leukemia with the view to nationalizing them once they are ready.

Prevention Goal:

  1. Prevent exposure of children and others to marketing, advertising, promotion and sponsorship of energy-dense nutrient-poor foods and beverages.
  2. Minimize the number of preventable adverse events occurring in the health care system each day


For goal 1 above, one simply needs to turn on the television to see what is occurring.

Things to-do:

  1. Implement a bill along the general thrust of the Protecting Children from Junk Food Advertising Bill 2010
  2. Introduce compulsory reporting of all adverse events in the health care system
  3. Attempt to identify the added health costs to taxpayers for a smoker compared with a non-smoker. Identify how these added health costs and other opportunity costs add up in terms of the current taxes on cigarettes.

Note 1: Goal 1 comes from a very similar recommendation (instead of “prevent” it said “reduce”) made by the National Preventative Health Taskforce, as quoted in a media statement titled “Restrictions on junk food advertising to kiddies-Senate wrong” dated March 4th 2011 by the Public Health Association Australia.

Note 2: If you currently sell food and/or beverages and need advertise/promote/sponsor to maintain or build your market share, the best way to turn the above to your advantage is ensure that all the product you sell are considered healthy according to the Dietitions Association of Australia.