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Immigration to Australia

View on importing skilled workers:

Australia should not be taking in skilled workers from countries that have a lower per capita level of workers in a skill area compared with Australia. For example, taking doctors from a country that has a lower number of doctors per capita than Australia means we are responsible for increasing the rate of sickness and death in that country.

An example of the different skill sets accepted into Australia is available here. Identifying the per capita rates of workers for each category for each country we import skilled workers from needs to occur before specific import limitations are presented for each country. If you are aware of reliable sources that will help to fill in the above picture, letting us know would be greatly appreciated. A helpful article can be found here.

View on providing free health care to visitors

Australians pay tax so they can receive services such as education and healthcare. Just as Australians have to pay for their own education and healthcare via taxation, it is reasonable to expect visitors who come to Australia to contribute to their own healthcare if they require it.

One way way of addressing the health care cost due to visitors is through reciprocal health care agreements. A second way to address the cost if reciprocal health care agreements are not possible is to make travel insurance compulsory when obtaining a visa to enter Australia. Information regarding the type and number of treatments being obtained by visitors to Victoria is available here.

Draft To-Do List:

  1. Stop importing skilled workers from countries with a lower per-capita rate than Australia
  2. Either add a compulsory medical insurance fee to all incoming visas or create reciprocal health agreements with all countries.