Australian Population Growth Goal:

Aim for a population growth rate of 0% at least until we have achieved a sustainable society in terms of energy, food, water, waste & reduced the rate of species extinction.


Earths human population is roughly 7,227,312 million (7.2 Billion). Australia’s human population is 23,459,800 as of 18 April 2014 (23.5 million). Therefore, 0.33% of the Earth’s human population live in Australia ((23.5 x 100) divided by 7200).

The total fertility rate (TFR) in Australia is currently about 1.8. The TFR is a measure of the total births per woman. The net overseas migration (NOM) into Australia is currently around 300,000 per year. This figure takes into consideration people entering and exiting Australia for study, business, holidays, work and other reasons.

Australian Population Growth Rate:

The TFR and NOM figures combine to determine the Australia’s population growth rate:

Australian population growth rate

Source: ABS cat. no. 3101.0, “Australian demographic statistics”, 29th September 2010.

Australian population growth rate breakdown

Source: ABS cat. no. 3101.0, “Australian demographic statistics”, 29th September 2010

From the above graphs it can be seen Australia’s population growth rate is just under 2% and comes from both natural increases and immigration. Worldwide, the average annual growth rate of Earth’s human population is estimated to be about 1.1%

Things to-do:

  1. Abolish the baby bonus. Spending approximately $1 billion on financial incentives to increase birth rates is irresponsible, especially considering other countries such as China are making major sacrifices such as the one child policy. The baby bonus payment is an example of a band aid attempt at improving living costs. Any real attempt at improving living costs for Australians would have to start with the phasing out of negative gearing.

Note 1: If birth rates drop below death rates then immigration can be used to maintain a stable population.

Q: You need to import people to support economic growth, does the above position mean we do not support economic growth?

A: We do not support economic growth if it is funded by an increase in consumer, business or government debt. However, we are supportive of increases in productivity. Increasing Australia’s population has found to not be supportive of increasing productivity or GDP per capita, therefore immigration does not help increase Australia’s living standards. This report from the Productivity Commission, released in 2006, supports the above view that immigration is not going to increase our overall living standards.

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We need YOUR help to Abolish Negative Gearing!

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