Wage growth suppression

Scott Morrison & the Liberals are currently targeting the following occupations for wage growth suppression:

Skilled Nominated visa

(subclass 190):

  • Accommodation & Hospitality Managers
  • Accountant (General)
  • Actuary
  • Acupuncturist
  • Advertising manager
  • Advertising specialist
  • Aeronautical engineer
  • Agricultural consultant
  • Agricultural engineer
  • Agricultural scientist
  • Airconditioning & mechanical services plumber
  • Airconditioning & refrigeration mechanic
  • Aircraft maintenance engineer
  • Ambulance officer
  • Anaesthetic technician
  • Analyst programmer
  • Animal attendants and trainers
  • Apiarist
  • Arborist
  • Architect
  • Architectural draftsperson
  • Architectural, building & surveying technicians
  • Art Teacher (private tuition)
  • Artistic director
  • Arts administrator or manager
  • Audiologist
  • Automotive electrician

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wage growth suppression

The Liberals came into power in September 2013.

Since then, the RBA has consistently forecasted higher wage growth than has occurred.

The RBA is oversean by the department of Treasury.

Since September 2013, the Liberal treasurers have been:

  • Joe Hockey – Sep 2013 to Sep 2015
  • Scott Morrison – Sep 2015 to Aug 2018
  • Josh Frydenberg – Aug 2018 to present

The graph below is from the recent RBA speech on 8 July 2021 titled, “The Labour Market & Monetary Policy”:

Scott Morrison wage growth suppression

Michael Pascoe in The New Daily: “In a round-a-bout way, our closed borders reveal a wages home truth”

Our closed borders are demonstrating that the way our migration system has been run, particularly our temporary migration system, may well have been one of the factors suppressing wages growth.